The purpose of this site is to bring together those who speak with one voice to enlighten the body of Christ and bring to an end the confusion that has been perpetuated through misinterpretation of scripture and set into motion the quickening and revelation of the Holy Spirit

More writers/scholars will be added upon submission of articles for evaluation.  There is a golden thread that is interwoven in the writings of the Apostles and Prophets.concerning the time we are in, and the doctrines of Jesus Christ, the apostles and prophets, and other writers in the early church.  All submitted articles will be evaluated in relationship to that golden thread. Subjects of those articles may vary.


L. Campbell Evans

Dr. John Tetsola NEW!

Writings of George H. Warnock

Dr. Kluane Spake

Dr. Undrai Fizer

T. Austin Sparks

Apostle C. Peter Wagner NEW!

Dr. Timothy Early

Bill Hamon NEW!

Bill Click NEW!

Wade Taylor

Dr. Mark Hanby

David Orton NEW!


This site is under construction!  So visit us again for there is much more yet to come! Other writings are on their way! Blessings!