by: Tim and Theresa Early

There are, however, emerging beliefs from the apostolic-prophetic movements which disdains the belief of apostles and prophets becoming a super structure, elitist, totalitarian, or aloof from the Christian community of saints. Rather, Servant leadership which embraces the sound and movements of God to help lead the global church into the mainstream of what God is speaking and doing today, through a corporate effort, along with a chief notable aim of providing leadership to each movement of God in the earth on a relational and foundational basis.

In the present movement of the apostolic and prophetic, there is also perceived to be what is deemed as Global Apostolic Reformation, the reforming of the churches thinking towards kingdom advancement and  its breakaway from church stagnation. It is believed that apostolic reformation in part, is helping to restore the church from the dominant perception of ministry from a pastoral standpoint, as in the scripture the first order of New Testament Ministry is the ministry of apostles and prophets, etc.

In the present understanding of Global Apostolic Reformation, the "pastor" is not the preeminent theme and gift among all ministries in the local church. And, the present apostolic-prophetic movements are believed to bring a correct understanding that apostles are not on the scene to replace pastors or any other ministry, either. However, the present movements do believe that the term "pastor" outside of the context of scripture and contrary to the rhythm and flow of the universal presence of God has been overemphasized to the dominance of all other ministries {Five-fold Ministries}, or has diminished the capacities of the church for not embracing apostles and prophets in its rightful place in ministry.

With that added, the present movements of the apostles and prophets are bringing new meaning to the church that traditional wineskin pastoral ministry is not to get ahead of what God is doing in the earth from an institutional perspective, but to embrace apostles and prophets as any other valid leadership ministry is to be cheerfully and prayerfully embraced in the local church.

Further meaning, the apostolic-prophetic movements acknowledges that the global vision of the church and the foundation and establishing thereof stems largely and collectively through God's ordained order and divine economy of apostles and prophets, God's "Proton" Ministries of 1st Corinthians 12:28 and Ephesians 4:11...

The growing skeptics of the apostolic-prophetic movements today are no different than the growing skeptics of Jesus' day.

Today there are ministries with a true heart to perceive and to receive what is believed by many of the current apostolic-prophetic movement as "What God Wants," and places a demand by principle on the revealing Spirit of God based on a solid foundation of the word of God to bring truth unto restoration in these important times.

One particular note amongst those of the apostolic-prophetic movements is that there appears in a sense a defense for the current movements of God to stand firm in the faith and foundation and basis thereof, as often those from Mainline Denominations and religious groups with a more classical Pentecostal position and overtone condemn the apostolic-prophetic movements from not having any theological foundation of the scripture, and perceives that apostles and prophets either have ceased in the close of the canon, or for some believing that prophets today are simply great preachers and apostles today as great missionaries.

Still, there is a growing number of Christians whom believe that there is being restored today apostles and prophets but to a limited position and function in the church, as institutionalize leadership still perceive that apostles are given to the mystical body of Christ, and that pastors - bishops are the head of the local church.

The apostolic-prophetic movements hold today the belief that the succession of apostles is not the hierarchy of Roman Catholic Bishops, rather, the continuity of scripture which reveals in Ephesians 4:11, "And he gave some," apostles, prophets, etc.

Or, He keeps on giving and continues to give..." For the perfecting of the saints...believed to be a continual ministry of the Spirit since perfection is not attained today be all, and that the church itself has yet to come into the unity of the faith...

Until that time, all is believed to be resumed as the common understanding of the Early Church that whatever God gave for the perfection and maturity of His church then in early times unto now is in no wise antiquated or obsolete due to dispensational and cessationist belief that apostles and prophets are now deceased.

When opponents of the apostolic-prophetic movement can clearly give evidence in word and Spirit of the completion of the Spirit's work as often from their views is relegated to the early church era, and can give clear insight and demonstration that the operations of God as believed to be true today within the apostolic-prophetic movements {and embraced all over the nations of the earth} are of no essence or continuance today, then their fight to disdain any and all operations of the free-flowing Spirit of God today are deemed more Pharisaical as this is the same attitude of the early scribes, pharisees, and Sadducee's of Jesus' time in making any attempt to disprove and to disfavor the authenticity of Christ's teachings and his sonship as the only begotten of the Father, God.

With this in mind, those who embrace the moves of God are of the belief that the Lord is doing a New Thing, and that God will continue to do His pleasure despite the critics of anything apparently new. That the restoration of apostles and prophets has nothing to do of a man's choosing, but by what the Spirit of the Lord is Now saying to His Church, and by God's divine design.

The truth of the matter is, that a genuine Christian leader who believes that God is much greater and bigger than his own settled and sectarian beliefs could easily admit that he or she, or we, have not come to the conclusion of the whole matter, and in the words of the Queen of Sheba in response to the Wisdom and wealth of Solomon, "The Half has not been told!"

The one thing that can be said of the embrace of the apostolic-prophetic movements is, that most times those who espouse the movements of God spend less time exposing openly their critics than  the critics who create whole web sites discounting apostles and prophets. Most in the present moves of God give their attention to the movements of His Corporate Spirit in the face of the Lord Jesus Christ, and little to no time in tending to the heresy-hunters of this day, rather, to truth-seekers.

It is amazing to discern today, that most so-called adherents to the apostolic-prophetic movements are more concerned with the unity of the saints than to that which brings disunity, dis-fragmentation, dismemberment, disenfranchising, and dis-proportioning to the churches over views of one another in some form of aberrant theology and practice, as if to say that their views are right and above all others.

 It is not to say that the apostolic-prophetic movements do not engage in critical scrutiny, or is abashed at challenging what others believe as erroneous in tenure. Rather, that the present apostolic-prophetic movements are simply embracing what God has been doing all along, and as the Spirit of the Lord reveals truth corporately in times and seasons with a mandate for the church to go forwardly into the next dimension of its purpose and destiny...

The apostolic-prophetic movements believe that the Great Reformation with Martin Luther of 16th century Europe is a pivotal key to unlocking our understanding to a series of movements and divine dismantling for the global church to see clearly what God has been saying all along, and like Abraham who looked for a city, whose builder and maker is God...If God through Christ is the builder of HIS house, then we need every divine ingredient to build according to His pattern. The glory follows the pattern because the pattern comes from the Glory of the Lord in the very first place...

May the skeptics of anything entirely new, new to their cultural and religious beliefs, new to their government of church, new to their systematized studies from their prized institutions of learning, new to their perceptions, and new to their way of living, would clearly see that in all of post-biblical and in modern history, the Lord has been adding and increasing, and multiplying his presence world over until Christ becomes all in all.

That the church would come out of slumber and complacency, and herald the good news that the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ. That perhaps, like Apollos of Acts 18, there is more the Lord has in store for those who only receive of the baptism of John, and that the Lord would raise up Aquila's and Priscilla's to mentor others into the dynamic dimensions of the word and the Spirit what the Lord has done, and is doing, with the indisputable agency and operation of the Holy Spirit. Even as Peter of Acts 10, who was to some degree prejudiced within his view of salvation and preference, until the Holy Spirit revealed to him HIS vision of the nations, and the operations of God which are not to be ascribed as unclean. For the Lord had given Peter an open vision, and an open heaven.

May the church today embrace the open heavens of the Holy Spirit, as the apostolic-prophetic movements are simply an open door to other portals of glory the Lord is revealing to the nations...this is not the end of the Story, just another look into the destiny of the saints and the nations...

The only SUPER-Apostle is the Lord Jesus Christ! The SUPER-Natural operations thereof is the Holy Spirit. And God is SUPER-b in all things, the SUPER-intendant of all that He is saying and doing in the earth...

Leaders of the apostolic and prophetic movements welcome you to dialog with them, to sit down and reason together, and come to the table of the Lord's provision, and in essentials - UNITY, in Non-essentials - LIBERTY, and in all things, LOVE...

FAP International {Foundation of Apostles and Prophets International - Ephesians 2:20-22}