by Dr. Tim Early

Apostolic Provision is a present truth understanding of the gathering and the distribution of wealth through the apostles of Grace.

In Acts chapters 4-5, the resources are laid at the apostles' feet. Please note full well that the apostrophe is behind the {s}, denoting possession or belonging to.

In other words, the practice of laying resources at the apostles' feet ascribes worth to the spirit of the apostolos and apostello. For even Christ and the Holy Spirit were sent in the spirit of the apostle. Yes, the Spirit of God sending his son and the son sending another comforter {Holy Spirit} is definitely apostolic in's apostello.

The very heart of the Father is that God so loved that he gave. In such giving, he sent his son; and whenever you lay money {possessions, finances, resources} at the apostle's feet, there is a fresh new corporate anointing released as the saints receive the blessings for which the apostle and the apostolic dimension was given to the body of Christ and the earth. When you lay the resources at their feet, something significant happens in the spirit realm that ascribes worship to God for this destiny dimension of ministry, a ministry, which pioneered the early church, and a ministry, which speaks into the corporate destiny of the saints and the {Marketplace} world.

The sending aspect of Christ to the world, and the Holy Spirit to the church, is apostolic in nature, scope, character, and dimension. Therefore, the gathering and distribution of the possessions and resources in another sense "worships" God in the significant contribution of what and why the Heavenly Father has given the apostolic dimension in the earth in the first place. {I.e. God sent {apostello} his son}

When you lay resources at the apostles' feet, it testifies of the truth that apostles of the Spirit today are given the grace and anointing of the Spirit to administrate the wealth and kingdom finance in the assemblies and appointed or related ministries. Possessions that lay at the feet helps meet the needs of the appointed assemblage of the saints, and to advance the kingdom. This again, is confirmed in Acts 4, as the people had one mind, one soul, one heart, and one purpose. That is a vital key in releasing apostolic provision, and the attack upon lack and diminished capacity of corporate poverty.

Such giving was acknowledged in our hearing when one of the covenant ministries from Columbus Ohio spoke with us that the saints began to bless one another financially, wherever the need was. One person after another gave cheerfully to each other to help in time of need. The apostle and lead elders of the house witnessed this with open hearts unto God and His precious peoples, as an open heavens had now become a stayed opened heavens in their midst. The pattern was surely Acts in action, as there was selfless giving to encourage one other in love. I call this in part, apostolic blessings in Philippians 4:17-19. For Paul calls it fruits that abounds to your account, becoming a sweet odor or fragrant of incense. The result, "but my God shall supply all of your need according to HIS riches and glory…"

Further on, when there is a lack of apostolic provision for any apostolic house or apostolic ministry there is a lack of apostolic release. For it is not the saints which pray and decree alone the blessings of the Lord upon the "Sent Ones" in their delicate tasks, but it is the kingdom finances, prosperity, and diversified wealth too, which accompanies the participating prayers. All people cannot honestly pray "But My God Shall supply all my need" without the other part of "Fruit that abounds to your Account, and your giving becoming a sweet odour or fragrance of Incense" in verses 17-18 of Philippians 4.

For the two main tangible sources of support which gives fuel and ammunition to every local assembly and apostolic sphere is {1} people and {2} finance. Without these two, your general commitment will lack a very specific commitment, thus, becoming a false commitment. {"I'm with you brother!" I'll be thinking about you in my prayer closet this week!" I'm right there with you my sister!" I make a verbal commitment to the elders that they can count on me to be a financial blessing, yes sir!} Hmmm!

Now beloved, the enemy hates kingdom finance and reformed kingdom economics.

When there is a valuable portion of wealth distributed through the assemblies in connection to the apostolic spheres which brings kingdom influence to these said ministries for the advancement of the kingdom, it serves a crushing blow to the works of darkness and dismantles and disrobes the very stinginess and god-robbing that has plagued so many people. For we see how unity of purpose and provision were given for the local apostolic assemblage in Acts 4, only to turn to chapter 5 in discovering Ananias and Sapphira's direct rebellion against God through their deceitful withholdings and conspiring minds.

Ananias and Sapphira reminds me in part of Adam and the Woman in Genesis 3, whom partook of the Tree of Knowledge {independence from God}, and were cut off from Eden, God's pleasure and delight. In Genesis 1-3, God had established the Genesis of creation and marriage, and in Acts 4-5 there was the Genesis of a new paradigm and dimensional shift in giving concerning the apostles and the saints. In both events, a married couple chose to disobey God and to rob from their own destiny. What an indictment, pitiful position, and futile ending in the pursuit and progression of purpose.

Now the word "feet" in Acts 4:35, 37, and 5:2 is defined here as "foot." In principle, God commanded Joshua {Joshua 1:3-9} that every place where the soles of his feet would tread, he would be blessed and possess it. In this I see a present truth kingdom principle of Apostolic Acquisition or the place of spiritual authority and covenantal grace where the apostle stands.

The apostles' feet is the place of God's divine authority, where the function and administration of the apostle stands in the corporate body of Christ. In this, I see the seed of the woman crushing the head of the serpent. I see Jesus standing in all power and authority in the assemblies. I see the apostle recognized and received in their rightful place not as a foundation in the church, but, with the prophet, as THE FOUNDATION of the church, according to Ephesians 2:20. {Jesus is the chief cornerstone}. Note: to function in such service is to be servant to all, servant leadership, serving on a whole new level of grace, glory, and powerfully bold new discoveries.

For when we give to the Lord at the apostles' feet, it also implies laying the resources at the consecrated purpose of the apostolos and apostello in the earth. {Divine mission, Mandate, Dominion, Perfected for Purpose and Designed for Destiny}

The feet which heralds the gospel of the apostles, the feet and legs of the apostles which upholds the body of Christ, and the feet of the apostle for standing in their rightful place in the body reveals apostolic purpose for kingdom advancement by acknowledging also apostolic alignment for apostolic assignments.

So what about apostolic provision? It is one thing to have purpose but provision is to come according to the purpose. And if apostles are purposed to navigate and steer the church into new corporate destinies and in relational regional ministry, then the provision is to accompany it. Therefore, apostles of present truth are apostles of apostolic provision, the provision coming from the Lord through His said and appointed ministries, appointed and prepared people of the Lord.

Oh Beloved, if only you could see the power of laying resources at the apostles' feet. If only you could rejoice at the disturbing of the forces of darkness when the resources are laid at the apostles' feet. If only, beloved, you could catch the spirit of what I am saying here, how that the money and resources at the apostles' feet is the one main difference made in disrupting and disengaging the intended operation of the enemy but also opening up a stayed heavens and floodgate of revelatory purpose and destiny for your life. You are giving and sowing seed into your destiny. And Abram sensed this by just a brief encounter with Melchisedec in Genesis 14:18-20...He tithed of all that he had when the quickening agency of the Spirit of the living God pronounced upon him a transformational apostolic and prophetic blessing, one that would generate generations and re-gene genealogies.

Yes, I appreciate the fact that a number of ministers walk in Paul's shoes, and are tentmakers {literally, leather goods}, providing for their own expense. But if the Lord is expanding our view on this matter, as he did with Peter, the once prejudice {to pre-judge} apostle toward the Gentiles {Acts 10: his open heaven experience changed that}, then why do we feel it is necessary to put all apostles and elders in a box?

Why can't we catch the spirit of this and grow together without any distractions in advancing the kingdom. Why should leaders of the Spirit be forced to scrounge for pennies, when there is corporate community within the corporate anointing, although it is dangerous for many to focus on anointing without relationship and covenant? How can all things be in common if we are not communicating? Galatians 6:6

We need to change our perception of God, and God's appointed apostles of HIS harvest who are destined to help bring to light and life the many sons of the father's glory in inheritance.For harvest is in part what one receives, and inheritance is what you become. One serious problem is, that some feel you should not live in this level of expectation as the whole assembly has needs, too, and that it is a lot already just to believe for the daily necessities of life. In the resounding {yet disgruntling} and echoing words of many it would be considered cruel and unkind for a so-called senior minister {apostle elder, shepherd, etc.} to have plenty of material possessions and financial resources above most others, quote many. Yet some would have it no other way but for their senior leaders to dwell in abundant harvest. The coin seems to flip on both sides, and there are yet mixed views regarding financial support for senior leaders of assemblies and apostolic ministries.

If the community of the saints are blessed, prosperous, and is growing together in intimacy, then we have an understanding of the matter at hand for seeing primary leaders provided for, as we continue to see one another provided for in mutual love. For truth is, though the plans for that ministry may change, the purpose may remain the same. If the purpose is for healthy interactive covenant kingdom community, than continue in that purpose, even if the plan changes. If you value the unity and essence of oneness with Christ and one another, then what is to say you can't have this same oneness after witnessing the primary leaders developing an intense stride through kingdom motivation to better their lives in a lawful and legitimate way?

Why cease from walking in love if the senior leaders of emerging and growing relational apostolic houses have only the greatest and far-reaching and abounding love to share with everyone at all times, more love and passion for the body at large then their own founding ministry?

Why become suspicious of primary leaders now, who are legitimately blessed to own a new SUV, or to take their family on vacation? If the purpose is covenant oneness in Christ one with another, then there should be no ism or schism in the body, regardless of the growing size of financial support provided there are well and defined lines of communication, community, or communion and in all of our getting we get understanding. What we should be witnessing is the size of the heart in generosity and gratuity towards God and his appointed peoples, liberal willing and cheerful giving from either end, {Acts 4:31-37}, not the size of someone's head or hand... {Revelation 13:16-18}

If the saints want to show gratuity, then praise the Lord. If primary leaders continue to be the example of the apostolic centre and house in the region, with no hidden agenda, then praise the Lord! If we can get along with the understanding of corporate giving, and unite around the Person of the Lord for a healthy congregation and vibrant life-changing assembly, so be it! Why become legalistic over a true leader leading by the example of Christ cheerfully receiving as well in tangible resources, especially if their sole purpose is served through true full time apostolic ministry?

What we are speaking here is the anointing, authority, and the agenda of the Apostolic Spirit and for those appointed to the Apostolic Spirit to sow as they grow, sow as they go, and to sow as they flow...

For an apostolic Spirit produces apostolic foundation, built largely through apostolic character. An apostolic Spirit contains prophetic vision. And an apostolic Spirit releases Destiny in the earth not alone in churches. If there is little being sowed in to an apostolic Spirit, how then can there be the full release of apostolic vision, direction, fathering, leadership, training, foundation, purpose, destiny, heritage, and inheritance to {or in} the body if people do not receive or reciprocate the importance of supporting the apostles of the Spirit through Apostolic Provision? It is one area of importance for apostles to reap of the Spiritual things connected to their love, leadership, and legacy through lineage, but also to reap of the carnal things, things which helps to assists apostles in regional transformation, including support for web sites, itinerary, relief funds to the elders and saints, books, tapes, CD's, DVD/s, feeding the poor, humanitarian aid, ambassadorship, schools of ministries, launching of assemblies, and for their daily administration of living.

Now honor of course, is not limited to money. But, honor is an important development in the growing corporate anointing Honor can be given to apostles of the Spirit, recognized apostles to your region {place your region here_________} when one receives and becomes of the revelatory spirit that appointed apostles impart and activate in many. Honor can be when one walks out the life-giving and life-changing nature that apostles transfer into the global body. Honor is when you walk in the truth of what is given you to be and to do through apostolic revelation. And honor can be financial as the Lord has prospered you and yours to give. Let us continue to honor those that are among us as apostolic fathers to the body, the regions, and the destiny of the corporate saints. And let honor grow into tangibility, the prosperity of the work of your hands and of God's favor for your life as you sow cheerfully and freely into sent and set apostles to the body of Christ, and the nations of the earth.

Whether honor for the widows {1 Timothy 5:3} or honor one for another. {Romans 12:10}. Whether honor to the Lord in our substance {Proverbs 3:9} or honor as a servant to a master {1 Timothy 6:1}.

Whether double honor to those that labor in word and doctrine {1 Timothy 5:17-18}, or more abundant honor to the less honorable and uncomely parts of the body {1 Corinthians 12:22-28}.

Whether honor from the fathers to the sons {Numbers 27:20, or honor to the fathers from the sons {Malachi 1:6}, let us honor one another as becoming Christ. Psalms 149:9; Ephesians 6:2-3; Proverbs 5:9;

A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country, and in his own household. Matthew 13:57 {Also John 4:44}…A son honors his father and a servant his master. If then I be your father, where is my honor? {Malachi 1:6}

And I will raise me up a faithful priest that shall do according to that which is in my heart and in my mind. And I will build him a sure house, and he shall walk before me my anointed forever. And it shall come to pass, that everyone that is left in your house shall come and crouch to him for a piece of silver and a loaf of bread. And shall say, "Assign me, I pray you, into one of the priests offices, that I may eat a piece of bread." 1 Samuel 2:35-36

And the Lord spoke unto Aaron, "You shall have no inheritance in their land, neither shall you have any part among them. I am your part, and your inheritance among the children of Israel. Numbers 18:20

Take heed to yourself that you forsake not the Levite as long as you live upon the earth. Deuteronomy 12:19

Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they that labor in word and doctrine. For the scripture says, "You shall not muzzle the ox that tread out the corn. The laborer is worth of his reward. {1st Tim. 5:17-18}

Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teaches in all good things. {Communicate Greek word, "to share with others, distribute, be partaker"} Galatians 6:8

Let God cause the Spirit of honor to be restored back to the sent, set, and appointed apostles of your progression.For one thing, much of the resources of the kingdom within local churches are tied up in the outer court, outer court thinking, outer court mentality, a people who have not made a dimensional shift from church to kingdom, a people who are rich, increased with goods, and feel they have need of nothing else. Not forgetting, this is also the god of Mammon, and the spirit of this age.

Before we close, a few leaders asked us already in the New Year how do we receive honor personally? We delivered them the scriptures above and much more in honor for becoming what we are imparting to them and countless many others, and how those who are appointed in this progression are loyal to appointed leadership as one to another and obey the voice of the Lord to give as God has prospered them. We also shared that all do not follow this pattern and path and do not adhere to the sound and resonation of the Spirit to lay at the anointing, authority, and agenda of apostleship for the local, regional, and global body of saints world over.

And this is what makes it rather difficult for se and sent apostles and fathers to minister in full function and to operate in the given grace of God if you will for lack of tangible honor sown into these apostle's lives. Doubts of provision and distractions can potentially occur and set in when there is no tangible honor of any kind sown connection and communication to the one who is pouring out profusely into your progression, or who is willing to give much generous time, labor, and unending and undying love, grace, wisdom, and, revelation to you as well as appointed to you of the Lord.

So we responded to these leaders, and also brought into their discovery that many who had the means of being an apostolic blessing in so many tangible ways do not. If God has prospered the saints to covenantally connect with an apostle and father to the body, and there remains if you will a great vast void and disconnection to the divine connection, then it is apparent that either one or another has not caught {perhaps through lack of knowledge or is unaware} of the spirit of apostolic giving, or ignores the beaconing heed and call of the Holy Spirit to release what is in the hands of those appointed to the apostolic campaign, career, and progression of apostles.

God wants His appointed peoples to release freely what is in their hands so that God can release what is in His. If there is a pulling of teeth and constant struggle of apostles to receive cheerfully and in covenant and mutual love the resources of the kingdom of God as laid at the apostles' feet then perhaps we are not appointed together after all to walk in this level of relationship.

If there is global and regional apostolic alignment and the release through apostolic assignments unto kingdom - apostolic advancement, then the resources of the kingdom shall arise to a new standard and expectation to continue rhythm, momentum, impetus, and divine drive for apostles to saturate the regions as the assemblies in those regions and abroad come into HIS apostolic Arising, His destined Purposed and plan for the saints to migrate into new spheres and frequencies of His Spirit unto a corporate and bold new destiny...

If people are permitted to be void of understanding of these, such can potentially bring hindrance not only to you as a set and sent apostle in pouring out generously your life to them and countless others, but in people not catching and receiving the apostolic blessing of this mutual endeavor. For there is no revelation and operation of covenant connection or no practice and demonstration of this kingdom principle.

We also concluded that many would cheerfully say yes and amen to all that is stated above, even many who have witnessed the seal or proof of apostleship into their lives and ministries, yet some disdain reciprocal and consistent financial giving unto apostles and show no honor or gratuity unto apostolic fathers at all in any resemblance of labor of love. A true apostle will not minister for reward or goods. He or she will carry a passion to serve in the least or greatest of spheres, instances and circumstances. He and she will have become burdened for the church to set in order the things that are lacking, establishing the divine relationship strategy, foundation, government, spiritual order, alignment, structure, and all present truth dimensions to be established in the lives of the apostolic community. With or without the tangible honor of sons to apostolic fathers, the apostleship must go forward in full throttle and apostolic thrust...

We concluded here that apostolic fathers cannot give everyone and everything equal time, and if people are not catching the wave per se in their given purpose within the apostolic dimension unto appointed apostolic leaders, then apostolic and ministry fathers can potentially become overstayed too long with those of that sort of thinking who only want blessings without responsibility yet lacking accountability structures and systemized reciprocal giving. For some things are better caught than taught!

My darling wife and me spent some time together on this by saying between ourselves, if we are going to advance the kingdom effectually and fervently God will have to raise up new sons from afar according to Isaiah 60: 4, 10, and 14 to help us to build and establish, pioneer and to advance the kingdom operationally and in covenant reciprocal relationship. That there will have to be a whole new floodgate of grace and glory to manifest in our midst as we continue in faith, trust, and rest. That no appointed spiritual - ministry apostolic fathers cannot expend most of their time and energy where there is no honor, especially lack of financial honor, and a considerable lack or unwillingness of receiving the vision and revelation and work of the father appointed to them. One should be miles away into bold new discoveries and apostolic adventures beyond but due to many who do not desire and cheerfully embrace the apostolic Spirit across the earth, and the global transformation of regions, many apostolic fathers have to discover a more excellent way...

Lift up your eyes round about and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to you: your sons shall come from afar, and your daughters shall be nursed by your side. And the sons of strangers shall build up your walls and their kings shall minister unto you: for in my wrath I smote you, but in my favor have I had mercy on you. The sons also of them that afflicted you shall come bending unto you: and all they that despised you shall bow themselves down at the soles of your feet: and they shall call you, The City of the Lord, The Zion of the Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 60:4, 10, 14

The sowing of the seed is so crucial, and ties together heaven and earth, the heavens that releases the apostolic Spirit, and the earth who advances and excels in rapid momentum and force through the agency and operation of the Spirit of apostleship. Giving is tied into living, and living is tied into giving. Because of the mandate to develop strong covenant relations and true foundational spiritual order, to reach and to pioneer new spiritual structures perceived through the accurate patterns of the heavens and the glory of His kingdom, true apostolic fathers must be invested where the Lord Himself will get the return on His deposit, His return, his harvest, His labor and increase. Isaiah 9:7

Apostolic provision helps to undergird and to facilitate apostolic vision. May more saints abroad catch this, and may more kingdom finances come into alignment with true apostolic Spirit and sphere across the earth. We speak the release of full apostolic provision into the earth, and abundant harvest and multiple increase back unto the sowers as they becoming reapers and dispensers of apostolic blessings in Jesus' name. Amen!

It is not chiefly important that the apostolic fathers receive the gratuity and tangible honor of their life, message, and ministry just within itself, but to get you {the appointed peoples of the apostolic dimension} to go into another level of expectation and discovery in giving on a much higher level. It is extremely important to position the kingdom resources in your hands to seed into the appointed apostleship of your life and for those resources to minister unto Christ as Christ ministers them to the Father, and WOW, what magnetic {intergalactic - smile} and electrifying {and Apocalyptic} apostolic grace, glory, and release be multiplied unto you exceedingly.

Feed the seed and nurture the Nature {his} for by divine enlightenment you are becoming what you already are. Apostolic blessings and know that you are highly Flavored of the Lord! Be increased through His kingdom release in Jesus' name.

Dr. Tim and Theresa Early,
FAP International -Ephesians 2:20-22