Apostolic Paradigm Shift {ing}, Sift, and Swift...

by Dr, Tim Early

One of the most important discoveries within the global interactive kingdom community is that the apostolic reformation {especially known and perceived to be the fastest growing movement or message in Third World and developing nations - and across the entire planet} is rapidly and massively bringing new patterns, positions, definitions, and accurate understanding of the universal church through an emphasis of territorial globalization, a breakthrough spirit of kingdom advancement, and a harvest mentality through global acquisitioning.  Here, the global grace of God's kingdom people are given to disciple whole nations, regions, cities, and provinces through the governance and administration of the kingdom, setting in motion that the construct of all interphases and mechanisms, systems and operations, strategies and logistics in life is assuredly the KINGDOM. All patterns for life on earth, and every part of the relevant functionality of kingdom focus is simply ttranslated into the KINGDOM of God, His will being done in earth as in heaven.

Since the church local and universal is the instrumentation of the kingdom and is to live from the proceeding word of the Lord in this kairos time, we must aggressively move forward pass the second day mentality of having mere revivals, into the present
reformation and restructuring of the church in reforming the nations and the foundations of our understanding. We must forge ahead in mandated authority to seize and to lay hold of the promise for our generations, and to transfer this core kingdom dynamic into the emerging sons that shall thunder and church-quake the earth with rumblings of reformation through transformation. Such people are they, who are eating things conducive to their transformation into the Last Adam, the Quickening Spirit, even the heritage of Jacob transformed into Israel. {Isaiah 43:1; 58:14}

On another note, just ask the average saint {OOPS! Did I say average?} if they are aware
of the significant thrust as to why we are here in the earth realm? Ask the average local assembly the same thing, especially when many have become seeker-friendly, performance based, and needs oriented. And, consider this, that the average assembly, though consisting of a statement of faith, may easily find a lack of true meaning to their statement of purpose, that which gives them fuel and substance for what and why they are here in the first place.

For a statement of faith does not tell you why you are here in the earth. A statement of faith simply cover the basics of what you believe, not WHOM you believe. And, a statement of faith often lacks the apostolic thrust as to why we are positioned in the earth for kingdom advancement. In John 7:16, Jesus' doctrine was of him that SENT him, and the word sent reveals the meaning of the apostolic {apostellos}. So, in all of our doctrinal statements and tenets of faith, yet divided over our diversity and esteeming our own divisiveness, where is the revelation of what we are given for? Of course these traditional statements of faith may tell others a little bit {and in some cases a lot} about  who we are as some sprawling organization or religious entity, but even the doctrine {teaching} of the Son revealed the heart of the Father.

Yes beloved, Jesus' teachings were simply infused with purpose and plans. Jesus did not come to talk about the Father, but to reveal him. And the church is not here to talk about Christ, but to reveal him. Simply put, it is knowing HIM and making HIM known 

Daniel 11:32

In this present apostolic paradigm shifting, there is the further consideration
of three important words ending with the "ift" as in "Lift." Why don't we give a brief definition of the terms "Shift, Sift, and Swift."

Shift - To move or transfer from one place or position to another - a
change from one individual, configuration, direction, form, or position
to another.

Sift - To put through a sieve or another straining device in order to
separate the fine from the coarse particles. To distinguish as if
separating from a sieve. To examine carefully and closely. It simply
carries the idea of "passing through."

Swift - Moving or capable of moving with great speed. Coming, occurring, or accomplished quickly - "Behold, I come Quickly!"

In these three important words lies important characteristics of the present apostolic paradigm. However, I must say, that the masses of believers at large has not caught the Spirit of the Shifting, Sifting, or the Swift momentum and accellerated thrust of this spiritual dimension. For many, church goes on as usual, with the same predictable normacly each week. In such, we may be attemtping to keep alive the old creation and paradigm of church from our former chaotic thinking. Our concepts are being lovingly challenged as to what the church is and what it is not. If God has put an end to a thing, why are we still trying so desperately and feverishly to keep it alive?

Therefore, we need a transitioning in our mentalities as to the true meaning of our corporate purpose in the earth. We need not to build millions of people on a fun-dation {thrills, frills, chills, and spills}, but a strong foundation {Ezra 3:11-12}, and to take this core kingdom value into demonstration, becoming a people of habitation. We need the substance of the incarnate Christ to walk out this life-giving and life-changing nature.

In the present apostolic paradigm shifting, there is a divine sifting, yes beloved, sifting. There is the straining through God's divine instruments of process, a people prepared for the Father's unlimited glory. There is the sifting away of old ideas and mentalities, even the melting away of the elements {rudimentary and fundamental foundations of our old understanding} with the fervent heat of his refining fire. Internal states are being realigned to HIS eternal state so that we can function with focus in an external world.   

In the principles of the present apostolic paradigm shifting, there too, is the word
"swift." Rapid swift motion seems to characterize certain aspects of this present global reformation. I wish we had time to discuss this in a further way.

The apostles and prophets of the Spirit are witnessing a new paradigm shifting and sifting  in Revelation 18:20. Babylonian mentality is confronted {as a bold witness} by apostolic and prophetic authority, as the two pioneering mechanisms for the launching of the New Testament church has witnessed a crushing blow to the culture of confusion. Babylon, and all of her merchandising cohorts, have been stripped of its influence and power. Whether seen from the religious side of Babylon, or the commercial sense thereof, Babylon, and all of its deceitful values utterly falls at the feet of His saints as witnessed by His apostles and prophets of verse 20. Here, the church brings kingdom influence in the midst of the flickering flames and debris of Babylon. It is here where we execute kingdom purpose and governing authority in all of the world systems, witnessing the KING as the true standard of the kingdom. Historically, Babylon is fallen, but in mentality, it must be renounced!

So, with the consideration of the word sift and swift involved with the apostolic paradigm shift, lets briefly list some important areas this apostolic paradigm is taking place in. 

1 - Apostolic Paradigm Shifting and Sifting in the understanding of the nature of the church, the saints, and the body of Christ:

Church as we know it can be a colloquial trip. We need to define properly what the
church is and what it is not. In Acts 19:32, 40, the riotous mob assembled together, and there was nothing holy about it. In all of the quarrel and dissension of many, they leave the exact same way or worse than the way they had came together. According to Ephesians 2:5-6, we are quicken, raised, and seated together with Christ. This principle also reveals the purpose of the corporate anointing, reaffirming the same thing which takes place in our transformation into the Last Adam. Isaiah 11:3; 1 Corinthians 15:45-47

2 - Apostolic Paradigm Shifting and Sifting in our regional purpose and functionality:

When the Lord sees a city or region, he sees but one church, or assembly, one
purpose, and one progressive vision, not 1000 scattered and disembodied entities - Isaiah 14:26-27...  Some elders feel that the people appointed to the flock are in direct opposition to their leadership. But the truth is, many leaders do not know what or why they are specifically given for in their region, nor have the mind of the Lord as to what their territorial thrust and purpose is in that province as well.

Instead, we shout rebellion to those not following the one dimensional and non - reciprocating vision plan of the church as our method and motive of exectution may be of question and chief concern. But did you know, that it is rather possible for local elders to be out of divine alignment with what the Father has purposed your local vision for in your region? If the {Elders} of the flock are not walking in the right configuration with the mind of the Spirit, they could potentially transfer their frustration and anguish to the people, assuming it's their fault for not catching the vision. Truth is, unless we are walking in the accurate patterns and purposes of God for a tailor-made _expression and specific yet progressive vision, many people may not catch HIS {The Lord's} vision, but DI-vision, or, the people can potentially catch hell {biting, devouring, etc. Galatians 5:15}. A true vision comes from the Lord, not from mental assent or the conjecture of the soul - Ezekiel 13

Leaders must admit that they themselves are not alone given as examples to the flock, but are a part of the regional summonings, the Kahal Jehovah, the calling of the assembly. They are responsible to the corporate region and to God's wisdom in coming together themselves one with another, not alone in the local flock coming together just among themselves only. Note the five important principles of coming together in unity.

{A} - True unity is in the mount of the Lord - Psalms 133:3: {B} - When the brethren come together the Lord has the agenda all of HIS own. He is destroying the wise men of Edom and the understanding out of the mount of Esau {Obadiah 1:1-10, 16-21}: {C} - The Spirit of judgment and burning {Isaiah 4:4-6}: {D} - The Lord is calling the meeting, the regional gathering to the Mount of the Lord [Isaiah 2:2-4}: {E} - The day of His visitation is in Mount Zion. There is the sound of weeping between the porch and the altar, elders, assembly...

3 - Apostolic Paradigm Shifting and Sifting in racial prejudice and reconciliation:

There is a still a deep rooted racist spirit among many assemblies today, even when it comes to the present apostolic reformation. Today, I hear a lot of folk discussing the apostolic as some suburban country club, for members only. In fact, there are some real concerns I have with the prevailing distorted idea that most blacks are good for preaching and praise singing only, while also deemed in this feigned thinking that many whites are good for solid teaching and intimate worship only. However, there is a shifting and sifting taking place within these vague generalities, or foolish classifications.  For the Lord would have a people of all nations flowing in his intended purpose, not a select few. Not forgetting, prejudice really means to "pre-judge," and holds for its basis the perpetuating of ignorance and fear.

We are to acknowledge the diversity of cultures without being divided. Even in my most recent travels, some would say,"I don't see you as black or white, but color blinded by God's love." Of course I would respond accordingly by pointing out the subtle or overt fooishness of this notion, for how can we not see one another in their cultural and ethnic
diversity? However, we can begin to value and esteem one another in our ethnicity without resorting to a negative disposition either end. Simply put, I am not the next so-and-so without the color of their skin, I am that I am by the grace of God. So are you, beloved! Drop the classifications and let us value the presence of the Lord in each culture of the earth. The apostolic is not exclusive to our kind, clan, or cluster.

4 - Apostolic Paradigm Shifting and Sifting in the One Man leadership:

The Lord is releasing new understanding of the Spirit concerning the ascension ministries, and the need to embrace them all for body life and kingdom advancement. The Lord is turning the tables on the Papal system of monarchy and one man only leadership. The Father has brought forth an open heavens over local assemblies that plurality of eldership is the biblical pattern, not insisting a one-man rule of ministry. 

 God never purposed assemblies to function out of one anointing only. And beloved, let's be real, the local church cannot mature through one _expression of ministry at the exclusion of the others. We need the whole hand {Ephesians 4:11-16} and not the withered hand. The corporate anointing is far greater than one individual person. Let us not become corporate in one dimension and a corpse in another. Let us move from traditional pastoral ponds to  flowing apostolic rivers. Let the rivers flow!

5 - Apostolic Paradigm Shifting and Sifting in Apostolic Provision:

 There is come fresh new meaning among many saints for the encouraging support of apostolic ministry throughout the earth. For the longest time, many apostles were placed in an awkward position when it came to genuine tangible provision for apostolic advancement. Nevertheless, there is a people on the rise who are sowing into the apostolic reformation. For one thing, a missionary is not necessarily an apostle. Anyone can be sent overseas to feed the poor and help the hurting, but in apostolic provision, we must define who the apostles of the Spirit is, and the genuine meaning of what apostles are given in the earth realm. {Get the book, the Apostolic Dimension, by Dr. Tim and Theresa Early}

As the global interactive kingdom community arises in this now dawning and destiny dimension, many shall become awakened to new meaning through the apostolic and prophetic and will cheerfully give tangible resources above and beyond as the Lord leads them to do. In these five examples of apostolic paradigm shifting and sifting {Although there is a good 100 we could cover in book form}, my prayer is that the saints would enter boldly into these present frequencies and dimensions toward kingdom advancement, and to sow into good ground where the true apostolic is. May the church arise into new spheres of the Spirit through the launching of the apostello and the apostolos.

Continue to Feed the Seed and to Nurture the Nature for by Divine Enlightenment you are Becoming what you already are. Apostolic blessings {Philippians 4:17-19} to all, and do know that you are highly FLAVORED of the Lord. Until the next time...

In the Dominion of Purpose

Dr. Tim and Theresa Early
FAP International - 281-744-6632
P.O. Box 8073 The Woodlands, TX 77387