by Undrai & Bridget Fizer

Now ask yourself this question. Is your present life "experiencing the results of the various prophetic words, decrees, and declarations that have been spoken into the atmosphere during this year?" Prophesy is not mere speaking, but an empowered becoming.

Are you presently experiencing the "transformational becoming" as brought forth by the Prophetic Insights of God? If so, there is no need to "fight the devil" simply because the devil is not the initiator of this situation you are in. The Word is.

And if the Word is the reason you are experiencing great depths of discomfort, unforeseen or "unprepared for" transitions, rejections, shifts, and uprootings," then the Intended Result of Increase from God, is "upon you now!"

The Father "rewards" for every "shift, shaking, and breaking His Word produces within us. He does not uproot without a reason. He does not separate without a cause. He does not afflict without a remedy, and He does not produce death "without a resurrection!"

New Minds produce New Thoughts. New Thoughts produce New Emotions. And New Emotions produce New Actions, which in turn, produces New Atmospheres. You do not get a New Atmosphere without a New Mind. The Atmsophere you seek is already inside of you, living within the Kingdom. Seeing that the Kingdom is within you, it is saf e to say that the Atmosphere of God is within you as well. The Peace of God "is already living within you!"

But it is imperative for us to experience the New Mind of the Kingdom if we are going to enjoy the Atmosphere of Divine Praise and Worship. There can be no Praise and Worship "if there is no New Mind." Worship, that is in Spirit and in Truth, derives from a mind "that is one with the Father's Spirit and with the Father's Truth."

Dogma does not produce Praise and Worship in the Kingdom. It may produce a "cultural preference, but it will not reflect the Beliefs that God possess within Himself." Worship is not, and cannot be, a byproduct of humanistic interpretation simply because many of us "flow with the intensity of the elements, environment, and situations around us."

Many of us "react to God and life" according to the pressures, joys, or happenings of the moment. So, it is safe to say, that our "humanistic element" of worship is not based on Divine Truth, but "temporal moods, circumstance, and whatever the soul confirms as the greater thing for the moment."

But, when the Kingdom's Life "has become the soul" of our very being, we will natural reveal to the world "that the greater One is within us and that we have become that Greatness that He desires!"

So, instead of "predicting" what will happen in the coming year, it is the Father's desire for "us" to "simply be" the New Experience that is hovering over the nation "just as His Spirit hovered over the face of the Deep in the Beginning!" If you desire to see what the earth will experience shortly, "simply look within!" You will see everything you need to know.

You have not only been established as a Prophetic Word to the Nations, but you are also a Word "to yourself!" If you do not l ike what you see about you, Change it. In order to Change the Climate of the Nations "it is imperative for us to Change our personal climates regarding faith, fear, unbelief, and the Divine Nature of God." If you are personally tolerating "inward spiritual blindness," then you have released the world "to tolerate the same!"

The Spirit of Christ has made us to "gauge of Light in the world." As we believe "so goes the world!" We are the Light of the world. We determine the gauge and intensity of Dominion in this world. But the world does not reflect the testimony of our lips "but the actual beliefs of our soul." Testimonies of praise and power "that comes from the lips" cannot change the mentality of the earth. But when the Testimony has hidden itself within the confines of our soul, then will Power come. *see Matthew 5:14-16

When fear finds rest in your soul, the wo rld will then find rest with fear. Your "words" do not move anything, but the Truth that is found in your soul will move mountains. What does your soul believe? Your soul determines the feelings that determine action. Does your soul believe "that you are partakers in the Dominion of Christ Jesus?" Does your soul believe that you are not a byproduct of your past "but of your Pre-Birth Reality?" Does your soul believe that you "have been ordained before the foundations of the world," to live and walk out the Good Pleasure of the Father's Will?