The Mysteries of the Kingdom Revealed In You!
Undrai & Bridget Fizer


The Kingdom is not a heightened expression of religion, neither is it religion "in another form."

 We know this as a result of seeing a religious, and rich, young ruler come to Jesus in search for something that was greater than what he already possessed in life. He was young, wealthy, and good. However, those three things proved nothing for his life. He was a frustrated and depressed man.

Money, youth, and goodness, does not fulfill. They may satisfy temporarily, but they do not fulfill, or make your "fillings fruitful and ever increasing!" He sought the benefit and experience of the Kingdom, but he could not endure the transaction that would make his desire a reality. Religion was something he already possessed.

The Kingdom has always been a personal discovery

Jesus never "sought the synagogue to release the Kingdom," but He would seek a person. He released it to people. He released prophetic principles, nuggets, and thoughts, which are called parables, to those who we would consider "as worldly," but He released the "mysteries of the Kingdom" to His disciples, those who would advance and continue His teachings on a greater scale.

The Kingdom cannot be discovered solely through weekly services, religious presentations, etc. It is not a religion. It is the Government, Nature, Intentions, and Full Dominion of God that is alive within you, but you must be renewed in your minds in order to see it, become it, and manifest it. The Kingdom is not a "new message, or some new spirituality." It is the Reality of what has always been, but not seen. The Father has always possessed His Kingdom, regardless if we ever saw it, experienced it, or looked for it or not. It is a Dimension of the Mindset and Fullness of God that has always been. It isn't here "because we've just learned to seek for it." It's here because it's been transitioning the seasons in order to get us to "search for it!"

The Kingdom will not allow itself to look like what you are familiar with

The Kingdom will not present itself as a religion or religious practices in order to maintain your present comfortability. It will not allow itself to become a part of a mixture between religion, desire, and godliness, in order to degate your fear of transition. In order to move into it's Dimensions, it is imperative for you and I to "give our religious thoughts to the poor." It is imperative for us to sell every fragment of religious thought, feeling, and comfortability, and become a Manifestation of what our minds "have no clue about," but what God already knows about. We do not give up our lives to become mere Christianese byproducts, but to become what the Father desired in us before the world ever was. He desires us to become what Christ reconciled us to truly be, "sons of God and the ambassadors of the Kingdom's Will in the earth realm." Co-laborers with God, ushering in an Awakening of Kingdom Life within the atmosphere of our present and emerging generations.

Jesus was called a false teacher, a devil, a madman, simply because He lived a Dimension of Life that transcended religion. He lived in a Dimension that was desired by religious men, but also feared by religious men, simply because His Life did not fit the comfortable confines of religion and it's perspectives. Because the Kingdom does not "look like, feel like, or talk like, our Sunday morning reality, or denominational reality, or evangelical reality, it is called or deemed as some sort of new age technology or ideology." I tell you, IT IS NOT. Jesus has always desired for the Kingdom to be an experience of personal discovery. This is why He said that the Kingdom was "in you!"

The saints, once they have discovered why it is imperative for them to mature and expand, can then "expand the Body of Christ, not just into some sort of membership group that is assigned to men, but in the fullness of God within them!" A frustrated member can only live a frustrated life, witnessing to others from a life that has not produced deep fulfillment, growth, or a true understanding of themselves and God! *Ephesians 4:11-16.

Jesus imparted what religion had no power to do.

 He imparted what synagogues could not do. As a matter of fact, when He presented Himself to the temple, and preached from the book of Isaiah, He was not received and made a target for consistent assasination, both in life and in character. Religion has no "stomach" for the Kingdom, it's Message, or it's Intentions. Religion seeks to destroy the influence of the Kingdom and discredit it's byproducts.

The Father's Promise for you is not an obligational lifestyle in religion "while yet being filled with the Holy Spirit!" The Father desires for us to walk in the Life that Jesus walked. And was Jesus' walk a religious one? Or, was it a Kingdom oriented one? You tell me..

As a matter of fact, He promised us that we would be "thrown out of the synagogue for His sake!" Has religion "thrown you out yet?" Has the "system of religion and it's intentions," thrown you out? I tell you, if you are the essence of the Life of God, religion may think it's throwing you out BUT IT'S ONLY THROWING YOU INTO THE HANDS OF YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE, TRANSFORMATION, AND DESTINY!

Religion is not only "the system of man-made perspectives concerning a pursuit of God," Religion can also be your own preconceived ideologies of your own self worth, as well as your own ideologies of God, His intentions for you, and your practices of it.

Has your own unpurposed convictions "rid themselves of you?" Has your own preconceived wisdoms of God, wisdoms that were sincere, yet untrue, rid themselves of you? Has your own convictions, feelings based on culturalistic teachings, human experiences, and religious thought, rid themselves of you! Peter's mind was engrained in

Jewish doctrine even though He was filled with the Holy Spirit. But that same Spirit "downloaded a Vision from God for greater dimensions, that painfully and frustratively opened the door for Peter to see what He was not trained or convicted to see." He saw that the Fullness of God was for the nations, and not just for His kind. He saw that God desired to expand Himself to all of the world, and not just the religion of His day!

Has your own "mental church" kicked you out yet? Has your own "religious thought" removed you from it's membership?