By Undrai Fizer

 Most people believe that 'true marriage' comes as a result of 'religious beliefs being confirmed' rather than 'purposes being confirmed.' 

"When we have no perfected idea of who and what we are, 'we will pervert the ordained dimensions of life, relationships, marriage, and sex' in our quest to 'search for the answers to this disturbing pain in our mind, body, and spirit.'"

Oneness is not the result 'of a mutual agreement of religious ritual,' but the agreement between Significant Destinies.' Many individuals have been destroyed in their lives as a result of remaining committed 'to the law of a certain doctrine or ritual,' at the expense of the True Reality of the Spirit and His Desire. 

1.  Do not marry 'simply because you share denominational beliefs.' Just because you have mutual denominational ties 'do no mean that you have mutual Destiny ties.' Many have married because they share 'politically correct beliefs according to denomination, but are not joined according to Purpose in Spirit.' Many divorce because of differences of perspective of Vision. They divorce 'and remain in the same denomination.' 

2.  Do not marry 'simply for sexual liberty.' Many are ignorant of God's purposes for their lives, but hold to a politically correct understanding of the concept of 'better to marry than burn.' Many do not want to 'offend God,' so they marry. However, God is more offended 'when you put yourself in a situation that will hinder you from believing and resting in Truth.' Many marry, then suffer in their spirit because 'they want to be free from the marriage and are held captive 'by the scriptures regarding marriage and divorce.'

When you marry 'merely for sexual liberty, but lack insight into who you are in Christ, instead of burning in your flesh, you will find yourself burning in your frustration as a result of feeling trapped in a marriage gone bad 'by the Word of the Father you were trying to please when you got married in the first place!' It 'ain't worth it my friends. You must know who you are!

Do not marry 'for the occasion of sex.' Once sex has been done for the moment, 'the reality of life yet remaineth, and you will have to face the challenges of growth that you are faced with.' Life will happen regardless of sex or not.

3.  Purpose determines marriage, not denominational values. Outward expressions of the Bible, spiritual doctrines, etc. does not mean one will have a healthy marriage.

Marriage should not be based on 'politically correct beliefs of religion, but of mutual oneness in God ordained responsibility.' A spiritually blind or irresponsible person, can also have 'doctrinal knowledge.' His 'doctrinal knowledge may help him/her speak to the pastor, but their laziness and comfort in irresponsibleness will cause a 'rift or a divorce' at home!

4.  Your marriage should be established in Truth, not in religion or ritual. The pressures of maintaining a solid relationship 'in church' can also cause a strain on the real issues 'at home.' A marriage cannot thrive 'when it is double minded.' A marriage cannot thrive in effectiveness 'when it continues to wear a mask of success.' Marriage, once again, should be established in oneness of purpose and not merely on the fact that 'both parties have the same politically correct beliefs in their denomination's bylaws and interpretations.'

5.  As much as we don't want it to be, divorce is still a painful reality. It still happens, even with people who love God. In order to be healed in a bad situation of marriage, even to become whole again after a divorce, there must be a true desire to 'discover one's true identity in the Life of God, not the 'life of religion or ritual.' You cannot use religion to be the 'escape from the responsibility of discovering God's true purposes for your life.' Your purpose 'exceeds the demands of Sunday's departmentalization, and is designed to bring maximum fulfillment to your life in all things.

Bringing your life under the subjection of God's Will is perfect, yet uncomfortable. It will manifest various falsehoods that were once esteemed as 'truth.' You will not thrive in the fullness of life 'when you become satisfied or entrenched in the powers of a falsehood formerly received as truth.' You cannot afford to even have 'a little piece of it.'

God desires to join lives that reflect His Outlook, and not merely the outlook of the denomination. God joins Himself together, and not what the denomination joins together. He joins together His True Purposes, and not merely one's attempt to hold to the 'rules of religious perspectives or rituals.'

One can know the scriptures and even the established doctrine of one's organization. But knowing the scriptures and 'knowing God,' are two different things. The politically correct thing to say is 'I love God with all my heart.' But if I cannot communicate to my spouse, and truly articulate my love to her and my family in deed, mind, and spirit, THEN I WILL LOSE MY FAMILY.

Knowing the scriptures 'do not guarantee a healthy marriage or successful intimacy in marriage.' Covenant Partnership is based on the Truth that both individuals have become and is becoming.

Now, I am not saying that knowing the scriptures and sharing a common bond in the faith is not important. It is very important. However, I speak of the maturing process that should be established in the life of individuals 'before they are married, or even while they are married.' When this process is established, the true motives of covenant relationship will be revealed and produce consistency throughout the marriage, even during turbulent times.

Having the foundation of Destiny in the beginning of marriage 'will help during the shiftings and transitional periods of marriage.' It will help secure the individuals during 'emotional and mental transitions' that are brought on by growth, sexual maturity, and Spiritual development.

6.  Experience is something 'that cannot be mastered by reading a book.' It must be 'lived in, touched, and felt.' You cannot read a book on how to be a wife or a husband. We can read about the insights and experiences that others have faced. However, 'it is still mandatory to face the turbulence yourself.' You will be constantly challenged to make decisions during turbulent times, and you will have to subject yourself to them. This is why learning the Principles of the Kingdom as it relates to your personal identity is so crucial. We speak not of 'learning religious theories.' We speak of learning the intricate parts of your personal destiny and inner purpose in God as it relates to life and fulfillment.

When we have no perfected idea of who and what we are, 'we will pervert the ordained dimensions of life, relationships, marriage, and sex' in our quest to 'search for the answers to this disturbing pain in our mind, body, and spirit.' We will distort the power of love in our search for love. We will abuse the awesome purpose of sexual fulfillment and sexual energy 'as we search for the touch to end all touches.' When we don't know who we are, 'we will destroy the very thing that was given to us to perfect our life here in the earth, as well as the Spirit.'