Male, Female, God & Marriage

By Undrai Fizer

God expressed His True Nature in male and female 'from the beginning.' If the male does not express the responsibilities of God in the earth, He knows how to speak to 'the other expression of Himself!' God created the male and the female to dominate the earth 'together as the essence of God Himself,' in the earth. The male and the female 'were in God, formed in the same DNA as God, and breathed into the earth from God.

After the 'body of man (which was the external dimension of male and female) was formed, God breathed Himself into the 'shell.' The male was seen as the initial expression of God in the earth. However, in the fullness of time, God 'reached into Himself, and pulled out another expression of Himself, and stood it next to Himself.' He didn't have to 'make the Man again, because male and female both, were inside of the Man that He originally made.' God breathed the male and female dimensions of Himself into the 'form,' and the Man became a living expression of the Creator who created it.

When the male does not express the Nature of the One who formed him, the female will. It's not an impossible thing to see 'the female function as God because she was formed from God.' She is only being 'what she was formed into.' She was not created to be dominated by the 'sexual battles of inferiority' that our generation thrives upon. This was not the intentions of God. These battles are a direct result of sin and disobedience, and not the Intentions of God.

"God is expressed in both male 'and female,' together. Together, you see 'God!' Not in one, but through both!"

But seeing that we have been redeemed from the curse, Dominion resides once again 'in the God expression of male and female' in the earth. Marriage is the result of the male/female expression of God. It was never intended to be the oneness of 'one expression,' but of both. It was never designed to be a union of the male expression, or the union of the female expression. Oneness is the result of the 'true expressions of God merging together to become the Oneness of God in the earth.'

God is expressed in both male 'and female,' together. Together, you see 'God!' Not in one, but through both! The Breath of God is made from the ingredients of male and female. This is God. This is marriage. This is One.

Now, those who do not live as God in the earth, will defy the Oneness of God. Laws and Bills that allow the destruction of the trueness of marriage in the earth, is really the manifestations of a corporate heart that defies the Oneness and Power of God in the earth.

God is not moved by another's defiance. God knows Himself and believes in Himself. Bills, Protests, or Amendments from the government, will not cause God to 'be down on Himself, nor will He doubt Himself!' True marriage is when God is revealed through the obedience of both male and female. It is when both male and female 'live from the Dominion of the Kingdom' in the earth. It is not merely 'a ceremonial observance that legally binds two people.' It is the union of male and female that lives as God lives in the earth, together.

When male and female live as sons of God, their union becomes the Life of God, and not merely 'people with personal issues trying to overcome personal deficiency.' When male and female do not embrace the Life of God, 'the dust in which they were formed, as a result of the Spirit of God being absent, will begin to create Laws to give it life, even in defiance of God.' What is happening today in the world 'should not surprise you whatsoever.