Male & Female Sons of God

by Undrai Fizer

Adam was not created to be a mere human being. His disobedience 'relegated him to the life that would end in death.' Adam was created to live forever. Adam, or Man that was designed by God, was made to live forever and dominate the Assignment he was given in the earth.

Man 'is not from Mars and women are not from Venus!' They are from God Himself.

Adam 'is male and female,' Genesis 5:1-2. God created Himself in male and female.' When male and female disconnected from Life, they became 'mere humans' that were condemned to death.

God created male and female to dominate. He created Himself in these two expressions to be Eternal. Adam, or male and female, is a son of God, Luke 3:38. God breathed 'mankind' from His very Own Self! He created unique Significances and various purpose and destinies from His very Own Self!

The 'expression of being that existed after the sin of man' was not the Perfection or the Reality of God.' It became an existence of flesh and sinful humanity. God 'did not make this particular thing.' So the 'real Adam,' Christ Jesus, was made in the likeness 'of those who are disconnected from the Source, and destroyed the creation that was birthed from disobedience, on the cross. The crucifixion of Christ was actually the 'destruction of disobedience, and the works of the enemy.' He actually 'destroyed an expression of mankind that was not created by the Father!' *see Romans 8:3-9; I Peter 3:18

You will continue to struggle in your life when you embrace 'an identity that was not established for you.' When you seek to be 'what you were not born to be,' you will have issues. When you embrace life 'without the Spirit of God and Life,' you do not belong to God. He cannot create life 'that is void of His Life.' If we live life without His Life 'we have become a creation that is not of God.' We become what the Word says, 'born of the devil, or children of the enemy! *I John 3:8-10.  

"When you try to live a life that God did not breathe into you before the foundations of the world, you will have stress trying to maintain it."

God did not create life to function apart from Him. His creation was full of Him, but disobedience 'created a creation that was not full of Him, but flesh.' This is why we stated earlier that He 'came in the likeness of flesh, to condemn, or destroy sin, in the flesh!'

God partners with Himself. When male and female live from their God identity in the earth, it is though the Father Himself is in the midst of them. God does not partner with 'flesh or creation that He is not the Maker of.' The male was made to be God in the earth, and also the female. He called 'their name Adam.' He breathed Himself into the dirt and made the male. He then reached inside of His Own Breath, and took out the woman.

When man (or mankind) became 'something God did not make, he hid himself.' He covered himself. He could not stand before God anymore, because he lost the capacity 'to face himself.' If he could not face himself, he could not see God, which was the same as 'facing himself.' He became what God 'did not make.'

When you try to live a life 'that God did not breathe into you before the foundations of the world,' you will have stress trying to maintain it. The man (or mankind) tried to 'eat of the Tree of Life,' but he could no longer do it. Why? Because 'his kind' was not made to eat from the Life. Only what God designed was made to eat from the Tree. The Tree of Life was not established 'for a creation that God did not make!' This is why it was death.

God did not create mankind to die, but to be Eternal. You must remember that God 'spoke to Himself to make what He was' in the garden. Eternity 'birthed eternity.' Dominion 'created dominion.' The Lord 'made the lord.' The Father 'made the sons.' God made god in the earth. God 'spoke to Himself, and released Himself, into Himself.' Mankind itself, is supposed to be who the Father is. This is why He made them 'male and female.' This is why He called them 'Adam.'

Now Christ is the Last Adam, or the 'New Mankind' in the earth. We are of His Life and Substance. Wow!! The earth is waiting on the manifestations of the sons of God.

The earth is waiting on 'Mankind Himself to become what God is.' Mankind is awaiting the totality of the confidence to become the Father. Male and Female. Adam. Mankind. God took Himself, out of Himself, placed Himself in the dirt, and called it Mankind. God is too incredible! This is why earth is waiting on it's manifestation.

This is why earth is awaiting the Breath of the Lord. It is not waiting to 'escape.' It awaits the Breath of God that will stir up the God tendencies that are embedded within it.' It is waiting on the progressions and the government of the sons of God.

Male and female..