The Last Adam

Delivered From Eve

Dr. Undrai Fizer

Male and Female, must embrace the Truth that God made Himself through them.' The oneness of Male and Female, produces the Man, which also was found in the Belly of God, and created by way of His Breathing into the earth. Male and Female were created to be the expression of God in the earth, made from the substance in which the Source Himself is derived and configured. 

He is Spirit, and Spirit 'made Spirit.' We are the result of what He Himself, is. Man, which is Male and Female, was created from the Depth of Substance that is Spirit. So we are spirit, walking and experiencing Dominion in the parameters that the Father has designated for His Spirit to be. We 'are His Spirit in the earth as we speak.' Wherever we go, His Spirit also goes. We must accept this in life, and not merely in knowledge. 

Male and Female, must embrace the fact that they are as the Father in their marriage union. God's body was expressed through the union of the male and female when they were created in the beginning. Their name 'is Adam, or Man!' Adam, which is Man, is a son of God. Male and Female are sons of God. 

"Male and Female, must embrace the fact that they are as the Father in their marriage union.  God's body was expressed through the union of the male and female when they were created in the beginning."

However, as a result of their disobedience, they were relegated to a life 'of dust, and no longer Spirit.' The spirit 'became dirt,' therefore causing Dominion to be lost.' The woman became 'Eve.' No longer was she 'Adam.' The male became 'the man,' or Adam, by himself. Their name was no longer 'one.' They were now 'two people,' placed into a situation that was unpurposed, and found sorrow in The judgment placed on the enemy was that now he was to crawl on his belly, and eat 'dirt' all the days of his life. Mankind, which now became dirt, was made subjected to the appetite of the enemy. Mankind was now being 'crawled upon, and grappled into a warfare of the soul, being violently consumed by the mentality and desire of the serpent.

The male was made subject to the mercy of the ground. He would work with all his might, and not given his fair share. The earth would now have power to 'hold back her potential from him' by stealing his strength, and keeping the profits!' His inability to maintain his inner significance and power will begin to open the door to new ways of self gratification, security, and dominance. This experience also causes him to 'become blind to the God that the female really is, and he then begins to see her as 'Eve.'

The male blamed the Father for placing this woman in his life. He said 'without saying' that he was dominating very well without her, and that God's need to 'interfere with his dominance' added to the misery that he was now feeling. The male began to 'doubt the wisdom and discernment' of Great Spiritual Power, the same way he doubts it now 'when he is no longer controlling his own dominance.'

The woman was now made subject to her husband's expectations. Her uniqueness was now 'thrown out of the window, and she was made to experience much sorrow has a result of being alone, and by also being a reproach.' Her hormones would now produce emotions that would create great need, feelings of unworthiness and complexity. Her sexuality was no longer the power of Dominion that would produce other sons of God in the earth, but was now the thing that she would be judged by as a person. Her desire was now to the man, and she would now be ruled by the power of the male gender's world, opinion, and power. She was no longer Adam, the Female expression of God that ruled in the earth with the Male expression of God. She was now 'Eve,' the mother of the living.

Many women are desiring the live in the authority of the Father in the earth, but have yet to be 'delivered from Eve!' The male has yet to corporately 'become the Lord in the earth.' He has mastered the 'dominion of the ground, and have taken back his profits from the earth.' But he has become even more afraid to become 'the Lord in the earth.' His comforts are found in remaining 'a man that is wealthy, and not in becoming what God is, in the earth.' His comforts are found in his financial security, and not in becoming Dominion in the earth. We must become God in the earth.

We must become the expression of His Substance in the earth. If we don't, 'Eve will remain in operation, even though the Seed of the Woman has already come and crushed the head of the wicked one!'

We are the Last Adam in the earth. The new Male and Female, found in our true nature, which is Christ. We are the quickening Spirit in the earth, being made possible by the power of the Father within us. Dominion is not found in a man and a woman, but it is found in the Oneness of the Male and Female. In the Image of God 'created He them!'