by Bill Hamon

April was an exciting month that started with our annual Watchman Intercessor Assembly. We were joined again this year by guest speakers Chuck Pierce, Barbara Yoder, Cindy Jacobs, and Dutch Sheets. Rick Pino and band also joined us again and led worship Thursday and Friday evening.

The Conference was very historic and meaningful for CI and the rest of the Body of Christ. All of the speakers had the same message but used different terminology and illustrations to say the same thing; that 2008 was truly a New Beginning for the Church. I preached Wednesday on the declaration that God has instituted the 3rd and Final Church Reformation. The birthing of the Saints movement in 2007 and our victory over the 5 kings at Makkedah prepared the way for the Third Reformation to be launched. God is saying that the period of Church restoration that has taken place over the last 490 years (1517 to 2007=490 yrs) is now sufficient enough for the launching of the 3rd and Final Apostolic Reformation.

I believe the Holy Spirit is saying that the Church must now take all restored truth and power to preach and demonstrate the Kingdom of God until Rev.11:15 is fulfilled. With the birthing of the Saints Movement and launching of the 3rd Reformation there is now new wisdom, grace, power, and financial resources made available to those who propagate this new era of Christianity. I share all of this to encourage all of us to believe for things this year that we have not received prior to this time. What didn't work in 2007 will work now. Heaven has decreed new and abundant provision to fulfill the vision.

This year we must dare to do the impossible that has now been made possible. Believe for the miraculous and advancing of the Kingdom of God into all the kingdoms of this world, starting with our own kingdom of family and ministry and extending as far as God will enable and commission us. Christian International has its part to play in this great army of Kingdom demonstrators and implementers.

Chuck Pierce released a significant prophetic word over me releasing the mantle of the "Watchman Prophet" over me. The following is an excerpt of that prophetic word:

"Now I will cause a mantle to rest here so you can see into a new dimension. Eyes and ears open to see the provision; a sacrificing people who will sacrifice in a new way. The mantle in this place has shifted, and what needs to be seen for the next seven years is now activated. I will re-direct their steps into places they could not get into, and from those places they will say, 'Look around you.' The mantle over the prophets is now shifting. I couldn't do this in just any place. The new mantle for the watchman is coming into place. It's not a mantle we have known fully. For the next eight years we must wear it.

God is looking for His watchmen prophets to arise and see into the dimension that will produce change for the future. An atmosphere filled with that anointing. It will cause people to come to this place. A new anointing is being activated. Heavenly alignment is taking place. The church structure of CI is beginning to change in new ways."

We have been feeling the winds of change blowing here at CI since the beginning of the year. I believe this prophetic word gives us further insight into what God is doing not only in my personal ministry, but in the ministry of CI and all those affiliated in the days and months to come.

As I have said over and over this year, it is strategic that we be listening to the voice of the Lord in this season and aligning with his mandates and decrees. We are living in exciting times! Stay plugged in and pliable so that God can use you to be an agent of reformation.