Strategies of Christ that Establish His Church

Part 5

Bill Click


All of us need to have some working definitions of what an apostolic mystery revealed actually is, because these are to be received and released by the church today.

An apostolic strategy consists of revelation and direction through "the mystery of Christ" (Eph.3:4-5). It is God's actual design, arrangement and manner of proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ by His Church. The purpose is to demonstrate and establish the presence of the Kingdom of God in the hearts and lives of people through the Apostolic call and grace of Christ (Mt.28:16-20; Ac.1:8; 1Cor.12:28).

1. The apostolic mystery revealed is of Divine design. This means that the plan is revealed by the Holy Spirit.

2. The apostolic mystery revealed is of Divine arrangement. This means its understanding must be received from the Lord.

3. The apostolic mystery revealed is of Divine manner. This means it will have to be done with the Father's heart and in His way.

4. An apostolic mystery revealed always demonstrates God's rule and authority in a circumstance by the Spirit's power, manifesting Christ's victory in such a way that the Lord Jesus gets the glory.

5. When Christ's rule and authority are demonstrated in such a situation, the church has secured both heart and life as well as whatever is established by that breakthrough.

Simply put, the church must first receive revelation for what the Lord wants to become within His members. First and foremost, Christ is building people into habitations of Him (Col.1:27). Then, the directional goal of advance which came by revelation can be walked into by the Spirit. As the body responds to the Lord's call of increase in maturity as a prerequisite for following the guidance for activity, the process will result in seeing the promise of God come to pass. God's Voice is then proven to have been true, as His people are first proved in their character and obedience. Whatever was lacking in personal faith and trust of God is established through the process and "the need" for which the Voice was released is met.

These processes of advance come through the express direction and commission of Christ the Apostle and high priest of our confession (Ac.1:8; 22:6-15; Heb.3:1). An apostolic mystery revealed is that which Christ desires and provides for. It also establishes us in Him, Christ being (Head) Apostle of the Church (Eph.1:22; Col.1:18). apostolic mystery revealed is revealed to those "sent" into and "set" over specific ministry of the Spirit in the "sphere" of their intended divinely accomplishment (2Cor.10:8f). An apostolic mystery revealed – once revealed and received– is released and accomplished through these same individuals and their teams as well.

An apostolic mystery is revealed for the sake of establishing an authentic witness of the Gospel of the Kingdom throughout every people group, clan, dialect and subculture in the earth. According to Jesus, such saturation of the Spirit's presence is the single clearest contingency of His return (Mt.24:14). As an apostolic mystery revealed is faithfully carried out, it will result in the establishment of Divinely-led and Holy Spirit-powered reproducing ministries which will result in an accelerated gathering of the Harvest. The fruitfulness of these endeavors cannot ever be separated from the preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ with the demonstration of God's power (1Cor.2:5; 2Cor.12:12).

* Apostolic mysteries revealed are the "keys" Christ distributes according to His design (Mt.16:18-19).

* Apostolic mysteries revealed are the "keys" Christ releases at the Father's approval (Mt.16:17; Lk.12:32).

* Apostolic mysteries revealed are the "keys" Christ which open doors through the Holy Spirit's leadership and power (Ro.8:14; Ac.13:1-3; 1:8).

* Apostolic mysteries revealed differ from methods, techniques, and/or adaptations of other's accomplishments reapplied in another context.

Divine "keys" are supernaturally revealed and received through apostolic revelation. As these "keys" are properly utilized, the apostolic mystery revealed makes possible the forward moving of the Church through the specific, Divine-directed "gate" in order to restore humanity to God through Jesus Christ by way of the Spirit's Supernatural power and presence (Ac.3:19-21).

God has a specific, way, time and purpose for the advance, and that is the "key" of an apostolic mystery revealed. The "key" will always be supernatural in substance, discovery, reception and its working. The "key" will be conceived and live inside the Apostle. As it is birthed it will begin to change the substance of temporal reality itself as acted upon with God's heart, in God's time and in God's way. There is a "God-positioning" for use of the "key"– a situation, arena and people: a pocket of ripened fruit or cultural niche the Lord to be seen, heard, experienced, received and established. Access to that realm is what awaits entry of the "gate" through right use of the supernatural "key" of Christ which is placed within the Apostle as the mystery is revealed.

This "access" comes from God. Paul called the resulting manifestation of divine authority a "sphere" (2Cor.10:13-18). The "gate" is the realm of boundary within which the Divinely-led, strategic use of the "key" will unlock divine connection, relationship and favor in order to establish God's continual harvest for all that specific "sphere" is intended. This is because as the "key" is rightly used, the release of Divine power to demolish strongholds is activated. As manifestation and release of this authority begins, it can continually reproduce until the larger dimension of Christ's plan is completely loosed. This will even result in the impact moving beyond the original dimension of the Apostle's sphere. Why? Because every apostolic mystery revealed begets more apostolic mysteries revealed, just as the smallest of all seeds becomes the largest of all plants in the garden (Mk.4:30-32).

Apostolic mysteries revealed work authentically to reclaim the earth while Christ manifests the children of God as rightful heirs with Him (Ro.8:16-23). Establishment of apostolic mysteries revealed are a "sign" to the principalities and powers of their impending punishment at the return of Christ (Eph.3:10-11; Mt.8:29). Moreover, apostolic mysteries revealed are the seeds for cultivating the tangible evidence of the inevitability of transference of all power unto Christ. These seeds will come to complete fruition when the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of God and Christ and the Church is made to rule and reign with Him forever (Rev.11:15; 1Cor.6:3; Rev.5:8-10).

There are as many different types and occasions for apostolic mysteries to be revealed as there are Apostles and their specific apostolic ministries. Each instance requires that both a specific "key" be received and "gate" be identified and gone through if it is to become a fruitfully deployed and fully established divine process. It has always been Christ's intent that an apostolic mystery revealed must first be received and deployed for the church to establish and reproduce the mission of the Kingdom through the proclamation of the Gospel and the manifested presence of God. Simply put, all that is done has to be a "God thing" . . . every step of the way (Ro.11:33-36).