Strategies of Christ that Establish His Church
Part 4

Bill Click


"Leadership" is a much used buzzword today. It is primarily described as an experience-informed craft which must be learned through practice. Much less frequently is "leadership" referred to as a response of obedience to God's revealed word, will, and way. But as we saw in Chapter 1, God has always led His people by His Voice.

Moses: Drawn by God into Service through Mystery

Centuries after Abraham, Moses abandoned his identity, birthright, heritage, and calling as much as was humanly possible. Forty years later, that which was completely dead to him was resurrected unexpectedly. Suddenly, he was drawn to an unexplainable manifestation of the Fire of God:

"'I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. . . I have indeed seen the misery of my people... I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers... And now the cry of the Israelites has reached me, and I have seen... So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt'" (Ex.3:6-10 NIV).

Moses received a call through the Voice of the Lord. The call was to be used in reconnecting God's people to the lifestyle and purpose of Abraham. He was mantled with the anointing of corporate deliverance in order to insure the exodus and restoration of the Israelites. The short term purpose was in order to receive and establish law so that God's people could have order which would enable them to continue until Messiah would eventually be sent. The eternal purpose, however, was in order that the law would eventually be seen for its absolute futility, that the absolute essentiality of the One who would be brought forth would be embraced: the Lord Jesus Christ (Ro.8:3; Gal.3:24-25; Dt.18:15).

Moses received the same opportunity as Abram– walking in total dependence on God for the supernatural to manifest in order to fulfill his assignment. Moses was put in the position where only God could fulfill the promise. Moses was to be faithful to simply walk in obedience to Yahweh's Voice– just like Abraham.

In the natural, all Moses had was a stick, a stutter, a reluctant wife, an overzealous unstable brother, a murmuring sister, and a long trek ahead of him in the desert. As with Abraham, no leadership expertise was available to him, either. Although Aaron had been commissioned to speak for him, Moses had no Prophet to speak to him, because God spoke to him (Nu.12:6-8). Only very rarely was there any confirmation through men (Nu.11:10-30; Ex.18:17-27).

Moses had no reputation to pave the way for a reception upon his arrival in Egypt. If anything, he would have to overcome the perception of being seen as coming from the enemy's camp! Although the people had been crying out 430 years for deliverance, Moses was not what they had in mind. But they were too exhausted to do anything except get up in the morning and be dragged to the construction site for another day of 100-plus degree heat, no consideration, and the continual curse of making bricks for constructing temples and monuments devoted to demons.

But while remembering all this from his previous life there, Moses did not back away from the call to go. He was called to the impossible. Implicit in that call, however, was all the access to Yahweh that was needed– intimacy that would enable him to receive and apply the specifics of every Divine direction and instruction (Ex.3:13-4:17; 5:22-6:8).

By the end of Moses' life, the LORD had been proven faithful to him for 40 years with miracle after miracle, provision after provision, deliverance after deliverance, and direction after direction. He wrote these words, not only by the anointing but with confidence: "the secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law" (Dt.29:29).

By the Spirit of God Moses understood the purpose of revelation and the precedent it sets: multi-generational impact for establishing God's people. He knew that strategy from the Lord's Voice was tantamount. There are many other examples, but just from the lives looked at thus far, we can see that from the onset of God's leadership through human beings that three foundations are implicit in every strategy God looses into the earth:

1. The essence of all strategy consists of a "call" through the Voice of God to "go"

2. The particulars of every strategy are only made available through continuing to yield to God's Voice as He unveils Himself throughout the process: thereby developing, sustaining and deepening in true intimacy with Him

3. All strategy is purposed in establishing God's people in the covenant made with them, serving His greater eternal purpose, of which we both benefit and then become the benefactors (Gen.12:1-3; Eph.1:9-10; Deut.8:18; 2Cor.3:6; Heb.7:22).

These are Old Testament foundations which the Apostles and Prophets later perceived by revelation of "the mystery of Christ" during the first generation church (Eph.3:3-7). These truths became illumined paradigms which enabled them to interpret and rightly apply Christ's call to go to the "nations" (Mt.28:18-20; Ac.1:8; Lk.24:48; Mk.16:15-18; Ac.13:1-3). In its most pure form, the exercise of leadership was then and is also now dependent upon submission to God's Voice and resulting strategy through the Spirit (Ro.8:14). In other words: if not led and powered by God, the work may launch and promote you, but it will never reveal and establish Him.

Biblical accounts are not just stories of how we came to be and what God did to bless us, they are foundations of revelation which must be received and established by each generation that walks forward in His continually unfolding plan to reconcile all things to Christ. These teachings become Christ's "now" revelation of how He is building His Church in our day (Mt.16:18).

As long as there is a Church, there will be a need for apostolic mystery to be revealed in order to receive strategy for advancing the presence and power of the King and His Kingdom. As long as there are those apart from Christ, as well as those who have not grown up into Him, the Lord will be calling His own into such mysteries so that they will receive strategy from Him (Eph.4:11-18).