Strategies of Christ that Establish His Church

Part 3

Bill Click

Mystery Revealed through God's Voice to Abraham

God revealed Himself to Abram through His Voice, saying: I want you to get out of this place. Leave it all behind– your family, your possessions, your livelihood, your inheritance, your security, your plans, hopes and dreams . . . release them all! I'm sending you somewhere you've never been; you're going to do something no one has ever done. Move on out– and as you do I will go with you. In regard to your destination: I'll let you know when you've arrived. My part is to know; your part is to go. Just go and do whatever I tell you, whenever I tell you, wherever I tell you, however I tell you, with whomever I give you. I will help you. As the result of following Me, you will Father entire cultures, and your lifestyle will become the pattern for My People. You'll be a tremendous asset to everyone, and if someone helps you, I'll also help them. But if someone tries to stop you, I will stop them. That's my promise to you. (Gen.12:1-3 author paraphrase).

Abram experienced none of the manifestation of miracles that later came but were insufficient to insure that Israel would follow Yahweh. Abram had none of the vestiges which eventually became continuing reference points of celebration and remembrance for God's people. Abram had no burning bush to inspire him, no tablets of stone to guide him, and no Ark of the Covenant as a centerpiece of worship. Neither did Abram have a Temple to go to, a Torah to consult, a Bible to read, or a Priest to counsel him. Nor did Abram have a Pastor to pray for him, a Prophet to prophesy to him, or a multitude of followers to validate him. But Abram had what God had always intended for those made in His image to establish His strategies: the Voice of the Lord.

Without any member's class, lacking the concept of original sin taught in catechism, without enrollment in any prophetic training, lacking a structured deliverance appointment, and with no religious aids whatsoever, Abram "believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness" (Ro.4:3).

Viewed in light of the Covenant which we now have, Abraham committed many sins and made various miscues. He allowed family (who was not to join him) to go along on the journey (Gen.12:1,4-5). Ultimately, it did not work out and it cost him dearly (Gen.13:7-12). He also deceived the King of Egypt by passing off Sarai as his sister (Gen.12:14-20). Abram later failed to spare Sodom and Gomorrah through what we might call 'strategic intercession.' Of course, it would not have been entered into except that family (who weren't part of God's original call) were subject to being destroyed (Gen.14:11-12; 18:17f).

Moreover, Abram allowed himself to be convinced by Sarai that God's supernatural promise could be fulfilled naturally through Hagar (Gen.16:1-3). In yielding to this, Abram began a process which tore his heart apart (Gen.17:8). This seemingly innocent effort to fulfill God's Word set in motion a chain of events which historically have opposed all God has done since that time– during the Old Testament, throughout the history of the church, and even to this day as well.

But regardless of his many sins and miscues, Abram was blessed through his continual belief in God's Voice. The blessing was not conditioned on his behavior being faultless. God still calls this type of faith "obedience" (Ro.1:5). Although the law would later frown on many of the activities of Abram, God did not. Why not? God was progressively revealing Himself in relationships with those chosen for establishing Him and His ways.

Abraham lived his life as a strategy received from the Lord. The directives were for the purposes which he had been chosen. These tactics were received by believing what God said to him (Gen.15:6). By responding to the Lord in whatever way directed, Abram's power from God was repeatedly activated. As a result, what God had promised could progressively be fulfilled.

God's strategy for Abram always put him in a position where the supernatural would have to manifest at every turn in order to come into the promise. All Abram could do was walk and trust. For many of us today, these opportunities would be misinterpreted as senseless predicaments instead of seen as what they were: divine, sovereign orchestrations which were necessary for fulfilling God's purposeful promise.

From Genesis 12 onward, the entire book is a revelation of the establishing and expansion lifestyles that developed and continuously serve to demonstrate prophetic fulfillment of what God had started in Abram. Isaac, Jacob & Joseph are not only physical sons, but spiritual offspring in the plans and purposes of God begun first in Abram, in order to propel God's people continuously forward until the bringing forth of Jesus Christ.

Abraham's lifestyle of divine strategy was so important that Jesus made specific reference to him and rebuked those whose claim of being his children was through bloodline instead of lifestyle. Christ made it clear that if one doesn't live as Abraham did, they are not his descendant– regardless of their ethnicity (Jn.8:39-44). Jesus asserted the significance of Abraham; moreover, Christ declared His own leadership of him through His eternal status, it having been the basis for Abraham's life (Jn.8:31-58; Jn.1:1, 14). Jesus made it clear that Abraham's way of life as the delineating characteristic of what it meant to be an authentic child of God (Jn.8:31-58; Heb.11:6-22).

God is calling for Dependence on His Voice

Although we believe we have righteous reasons, we tend to discourage others against dependence on God, and we tend to make every effort to also avoid it ourselves– like the plaque! But Abram's obedience was the Lord's means for multi-generational establishment of His people. By the Spirit Paul also understood this about Abraham (Ro.4:1-24). This revelational premise became an Apostolic/Prophetic foundation for all the Body of Christ to stand on and strive for (Ro.8:14). Abram's obedience set a precedent of true spiritual lifestyle for all time.

To this day, the reason for God's choice of all is rooted in His good pleasure. Although the Lord seeks out those with hearts He can speak to and work with, ever present with us is the eternal reality that the Lord can shape us as He sees fit (Ro.8:29; Isa.45:9-11). Whereas Abram had no understanding of many aspects of God's character, we (now) do possess these revelations. We also have been given a grace which enables us to rise up in blessing and fulfill the will of God in the earth. Not only as a witness of the work of Jesus Christ, but also as a demonstration of the very presence and character of God. Such complete attestation to the Lord is the outcome of all true apostolic mystery revealed.